Beijing Yanqing held the "Shanshan Night Month" Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Experience Week

Original title: "Sushan Night Month" Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Experience Week opening this newspaper (Reporter Li Yao) Yesterday, 2021 "Sushan Night Month" Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Experience Week opened in the old county town of Yanqing District, Yanqing District, tourists Under the foot of the mountain, listen 上海品茶打卡地 to poetry recitations, forest music, enjoy the moonlight view, Huahai card.

During the experience period, the Yanqing District invited the public as a "Sichuan to enjoy the autumn experience", experienced and sharing Yanqing’s autumn and fun folk activities.

  According to historical records, the mountain is located on the junishan of the old county villages, basin and kiln villages in Yanqing District, and is also known as "Little Shan" because of its isolation.

From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, "Shan Moon Night Month" is known as one of the "Sichuan Eight Views", and is the only night landscape. The "Sandy Night Month" Mid-Autumn Culture Experience Week opening ceremony, released the song "Sushan Night Month", a beautiful lyrics and melodious melody, a beautiful lyrics and melodious melody.

  On the same day, "Sichuan Jiqiu Experience Officials" also experienced and lived in pottery pottery production, visiting the basin museum and kiln ruins.

Also popular, there is a hundred acres of lavender flowers at the foot of the mountain, and tourists are in Hanfu, between the purple flower sea, overlooking the mountains and enjoy the scenery, leaving a wonderful moment. During the experience week, the Yanqing District invited 虹口区哪里有油压 the public to serve as "Sichuan to enjoy the autumn experience". In the "Winter Olympics" "Great Wall" "Great Wall", "Shanshui People", four major theme guests, experience and share specialty ingredients , Ceramic production, fruit picking, etc., promote all-domain tourism resources. (Editor: Li Bo, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.


Blizzard winds temperatures plunged 16 ℃? Women are more cold than men? – Life Information

[Abstract] this winter is particularly cold, cold people trembling.

In terms of cold, men and women have significant differences, especially women, even when 上海市各区油压店地址wearing heavy clothes still appear cold hands and feet and knee pain or cold chills and other symptoms, why women are more cold than men do.

This winter is particularly cold, cold people trembling. In terms of cold, men and women have significant differences,上海品茶论坛低端 especially women, even when wearing heavy clothes and knees still appear cold or other symptoms, why women are more cold than men do.

Why women are more cold than men? 1, skeletal muscle mass women’s skeleton is small, fast cooling rate, so prone to cold hands and feet.

After a series of studies found that women less than men palm temperature about 2 ℃, to predict the degree of heat loss through the skeletal muscle mass and body weight ratio. Although large proportion of the female body fat, but muscle mass is small, fast speed cooling the skin, cold poor.

2, metabolic rate and more muscular men and big appetite, metabolism faster, relatively speaking, it is a little warmer than the female body. In addition, women are more sensitive to cold, because male skin temperature sensor is relatively slow. 3, 上海不正规的桑拿会所 the physical structure of the differences from the Chinese perspective, female sexual chill, easy to cold; however male male nature dry, easy to heat intolerance. Tips suddenly clear if the recent cold, the advent of highly suspected disease, especially the elderly should pay attention to.

If suddenly cold and accompanied by systemic ,, and so on, it is timely to the hospital for blood tests to determine the type; and if accompanied by a sudden cold, sleepiness, fatigue and poor appetite and irregular menstruation, should be highly vigilant hypothyroidism .


2021 Guangzhou Auto Show: Changan UNI

  [Love card original] Recently, the official publication of the interior design sketch of its first UNI-V sedan, the flagship car interiors asymmetric design, clean lines and sharp, full of a sense of movement, using a large screen in the control of the suspension design and creating a sense of meter triple screen technology is impressive.

  As can be seen from a plurality of interior sketch, although the suspension of the liquid crystal panel in the control region adjacent the instrument, but not at the same level, instead of using a hierarchical design, form a patchwork effect of depth of field, 上海各区工作室新茶群 so that according to the official description the design helps to distinguish the driver driving-related information and entertainment information, can be more efficient and secure access to the required information. Relatively far away from the driver parallax meter area and the road surface is smaller, the line of sight of the driver when switching between the two can be more quickly; like the driver’s side is inclined slightly in the control region easier to operate the touch panel driver.

Part of the content in the control panel display, such as navigation, music, etc. can also flow meter area based on driver demand.

  UNI-V front air-conditioning outlet transversely therethrough using hidden design, there is no complete destruction of the interior, let more holistic, the atmosphere of the lamp is 魔都龙凤网 located above the outlet and the atmosphere of the lamp door is formed on the wraparound effect, lights up after more technological sense. Triangular SUPERRACE buttons with orange paint, the overall bias is quite conspicuous in solemn sense of interiors, but also people on this station car’s performance something to look forward.

  Steering wheel flat design, equipped with shift paddles.

According to the official introduction steering wheel buttons regional integration a wealth of vehicle control functions, but look at the current exposure draft still can not determine which specific functions can be implemented.

  Asymmetric center console box uses the same design, the shift and the lower region of the console box uses a large contrast color design, Dangba flatter shape, similar to the design of 上海按摩微信群 aircraft ram, sporty.

  According to the official description of the seat around both side UNI-V high and full design can provide better support of; mixed colors using a seat designed to create a visual movement effect comparison. Wonderful content review:.


Every step of my career are inseparable from the motherland (the Communist Party of China to celebrate the 100th anniversary · · motherland compatriots say in my heart (37))

In November 2020, CHEN Yan in Shanghai Expo site into the third.

November 2021, the second session of the International Tropical Industry Fair, CHEN Yan booth.

  Respondents courtesy recently, Fiji Noni Tea Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Can the word "China trip" full to the brim.

From the 17th China International SME Fair, the Fourth China International Import Expo, to the second session of the International Tropical Industry Fair, he was running in between the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai.

No product, signing a contract, make friends …… CHEN Yan kept busy and rewarding. From the introduction of Chinese tea technology business in a foreign country, to establish itself in China market access to development opportunities to review the history along the way, CHEN Yan sincerely lamented: "Every step in my career are inseparable from the motherland!" The following is the readme. Chinese tea stimulate entrepreneurial inspiration is my ancestral home in Dongguan, Guangdong. In 2009, I first came to Fiji.

In this beautiful island nation in the South Pacific, I met a tropical fruit called noni fruit, the locals say that it has medical value, rich in nutrients.

I suddenly became interested.

When home, I like tea, tea also has done some research.

Noni leaf tea can make it? I sprouted the idea. I contacted a number of laboratory testing and found that Noni leaves also have high nutritional value.

In 2013, I started trying to develop Nori tea.

China is the hometown of tea, the first country in the world, cultivated tea trees and countries using tea.

The Chinese tea culture is long and has a mature and complete tea technique.

To make tea, you have to find technical talents from China.

So, I hired a professional tea teacher from China to develop a new fermentation technology and cultivation of Nori.

After a trial, Norili officially came out in 2017. Chinese tea technology and the tropical fruit of the South Pacific, this has collided with the magical spark.

Once, Nori Tea was welcomed by the local people. They were sold in Fiji’s major duty-free shops and five-star hotels. They were also given by the Fiji government to other national leaders. From Nori Tea, the company’s product chain gradually extension.

Today, we have developed a series of derivative products such as Nori juice, dried fruit, essential oil soap, gradually stabilizing his heel, has a certain brand awareness in the domestic and foreign market. I have never forgotten the starting point of your own career. Chinese tea has inspired my entrepreneurial inspiration. While deliberate the company’s products, I have focused on introducing China’s tea culture to overseas people.

Now, we are committed to creating a tea culture experience in Fiji, but also introduce Fiji’s Nori Tea, will introduce China’s rich tea variety and long tea history, not only set the free tea link, but also visit the visitors personally experience Tea, cooking tea, let more foreign friends know, love Chinese tea. In the Chinese market, there is an unlimited opportunity for 2020. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is sudden, and the company’s production and sales have been impacted.

How to get the difficulty? The 3rd China International Import Expo is as scheduled, and I opened the window of the 上海水磨休闲会所 opportunity.

In April last year, Nori tea has been sold in the Chinese market, but the scale is not large.

A few months later, I came to Shanghai with a variety of products of the company, and I first "tack card" into the Expo.

It is an unforgettable experience. Every day, hundreds of customers come to the company’s booth consultation, and finally reach 5 cooperation intentional agreements, and signed millions of dollars orders, far more than my expectations.

More surprisingly, after participating in the third year, the company has increased by 6 times in the Chinese market.

This makes me deeply feel the huge influence of the Expo and the vitality of the Chinese market. We decided to expand the area of ??Fiji to grow Nori fruit and did not hesitate to sign up for the 上海水磨会所哪里好点 fourth year. At this year, we have signed a cooperation memorandum with many domestic companies, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with a biotech company in Hainan, and once again, it will return from the Expo.

For the majority of foreign companies including Chinese business companies, the Expo is not only the best stage of displaying the company’s latest products, but also an important platform for exchange cooperation between enterprises. We have the opportunity to recognize peers from all over the world and share the future development direction.

Two trips to the Expo, let me benefit more, and let me further strengthen the company’s development ideas: diversified research and development quality products, further explore the Chinese market. At present, we have carried out relevant scientific research cooperation with Hainan University College, and the Cooperation Program is in the Chinese Tropical Agricultural Sciences.

In addition, we also reached a cooperation agreement with a cosmetics enterprise in Hunan, which plans to develop, producing mask, shampoo, etc. in Nori fruit leaves as raw materials.

Hainan is an opportunity of the opportunity of the opportunity, not only a tropical climate with Fiji, but also has an attractive trade-off policy benefits, which is undoubtedly a great favorable situation for the research and development and production of Nori fruit.

We plan to establish R & D centers and warehousing and processing bases in Hainan, in order faster, better completion of orders in the Chinese market, while radiating Southeast Asian market, and taking the foundation for the company’s next step.

In order to promote Sino-Fi-Fi cooperation, in many island countries in the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is one of the earliest and China.

China aid Fiji’s grassroots technology project benefits and the local people have become a model of Midi agricultural cooperation.

In November 2018, China has signed a memorandum of understanding of "all the way" cooperation with Fiji. As a Chinese business in Fiji, I am in full swing for these collaboration, and I am full of expectations for the future.

At present, China accelerates the construction of new development patches that have been promoted by domestic circulation, and the domestic international double cycle has been implemented, and high levels have been implemented, and the economy is promoted to high quality development. In the future, China’s 14 billion population and the powerful consumption market advantage in the 400 million middle class will bring opportunities to the development of the recovery of the world economy. As an overseas Chinese business, we have a good time to grasp the historical opportunities, contribute more "overseas Chinese" for Chinese and foreign economic exchanges.

Not long ago, I participated in the 2nd China International Tropical Industry Expo in Guangzhou. This exhibition uses "health and scientific consumption" as the theme, from all over the country of corporate representatives, scholarous people exchange new products, new technologies, new technologies, Bring me a lot of thinking.

In the 5th year of next year, we will definitely participate in, and further expand the company’s booth area. The initial plan is that in addition to Nori fruit related products, we will bring more Fiji agricultural products, and arrange cultural elements with the characteristics of the South Pacific Island countries in the exhibition hall, and promote cultural exchanges while promoting business cooperation.

In addition, we plan to establish a research institute for tropical crops in Fiji to study the likelihood of industrialization in the local agricultural products, and actively bring more high quality agricultural products to the Chinese market. Now, China’s domestic e-commerce industry has developed rapidly.

In this regard, our company is also actively layout, on the one hand, and the platform anchor cooperates. On the other hand, we have also trained "belt people" within the enterprise. I hope to continue to expand the Chinese market, driving Fiji’s outstanding talents to work in promoting Fi Friendship cooperation does the same power. (Reporter Li Jiabao) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (06th edition, December 02, 2021) Editor: Zhang Qingjin, Liu Sui.


Emotional era of exciting and magnificent

Xinhua News Agency, January 26, on January 26, China Calligraphers Association was held in Beijing. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Huang Kunming, Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, attended the opening ceremony and speaking, emphasizing to 上海水疗桑拿论坛 study the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the cultural work of literary work, adhere to the people-centered creation and guidance, and adhere to the Chinese cultural position, inheriting Chinese cultural genes Exhibition of national splashes, climbing art peaks, full of moistive beauty of the era.

Huang Kunming pointed out that the Chinese calligraphy art is far from a long, unique, and is a huge treasure of China’s outstanding traditional culture.

In recent years, the majority of calligraphers and calligraphy workers have sent people, hard work, and promote calligraphy creation, and the vigorous development of calligraphy is booming. Huang Kunming pointed out that in the new journey of building a socialist modern country, the calligraphy worker stage is wide and can be.

I hope that 上海找新茶 everyone will firmly cultivate and confident, adhere to creative transformation, innovation development, create for the people, to make the time, fully functioning with the carrier, and the important role of Yihong Road. We must insist on the innovation of the inside, and have a new, good at extracting the essence from the Chinese cultural treasure house, drawing nutrition, showing the Chinese style in the ink image, with the fineness of the Chinese aesthetics, showing Chinese style in writing in writing, China, China, China Affection. We must adhere to the morality of morality, regard Chongde Shangyi as a child, fulfill social responsibility, adhering to professional ethics, and striving for the promoters of the new era of advanced culture and the promoter.

(Editor: Meng Liyuan, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation 上海龙凤桑拿会所 reading.


Day Red Anhui Huo Qiu: Continue to struggle to make good days better

As a national poor county, during the "picking cap" in 2014 to 2020, Huoqiu County accumulated more than 10,000 people.

People’s Network Zhang Jun Photographs People’s Network Anhui Channel learned that as national poor counties, 2014 to 2020, Huoqiu County accumulated more than 40,000 people in Huoqiu County. After taking the poor rush, they continued to fight, and they gave themselves 上海高端私人工作室 better than a better day, contributed to the village. Ni Yongzhi, but it is a general member in this group. The sky is not bright, Li Diming, Li Diming, Li Dynasty, Li Demun Village, Xixian Town, Huoqiu County, and his son with Pediatrics, Li Benwu.

Touch fish, raise shrimp, rice … one day, grandfather is busy.

There are fewer families, and there are many things. "We raised 4 acres of shrimp, 25 acres of rice, and occasionally went to the wild pond to catch some fish, jaundice, lobster to sell." Whenever someone asked Li Deming, he is always optimistic. : "This is not tired!" In the Qili Temple Village, Chengguan Town, Huoqiu County, depleted the poor and store Mingxia to the People’s Network Anhui Channel, took a income account: herself in the nearby factory, pay 200 yuan a day, 上海男士品茶 husband gives the enterprise When security, the salary is 1800 yuan per month.

"The family also raised more than 100 equals, each can sell seven or eighty pieces.

"Storage, said that the seedlings are 12 yuan / only, the financial subsidy is half, I only use 6 yuan.

With her words: "Creating a better life with your own hands, it is worth it, it is also very meaningful.

"People’s Network Anhui Channel learned that the party committee government also has a targeted prize plan for the party committee government. It is reported that in order to stimulate the power of farmers, they encourage them to develop the specialty industry, Huoqiu County is clear, and to the poor, Including the monitoring object) The prize of the self-developed special spectrometry and the relevant 上海开油压店 income reached 2,000 yuan, and the income was 1000 yuan and re-prize 500 yuan (each household cumulative award no more than 3,000 yuan).


15,000 people participate! Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration this training is concerned

In-depth implementation of the only identification work of Hebei Province medical equipment, on October 13, the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration held a special training course for the unique identification (UDI) of the province in Shijiazhuang City. Lu Xi, the drug safety Director of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, attended the training class and made a class speech. The responsible comrades of the Provincial Division of Health and Justice Committee proposed specific requirements for the implementation of UDI work in medical 上海青浦区洗头房 institutions, and the Provincial Medical Bureau of Medical Board attended the training course. Lu Xu said that it is necessary to implement UDI as a breakthrough, further improve the level of information management, gradually promote the transparency, visualization, intelligence, and construct medical equipment supervision of medical equipment, and realize the source of medical devices. Go to the go. At the same time, to penetrate UDI to the full life cycle of medical equipment, through implementing UDI, inverting enterprises to improve management level, promote rational use of medical equipment, improve medical equipment supervision efficiency, promote health medical large data construction, construction, to ensure medical equipment safety The rugged line, resolutely put an end to the fake medical equipment into the market, and 上海闵行区按摩会所 help the high quality development of the medical device industry in Hebei Province.

Training class invited the National Food and Drug Administration Medical Device Registration Division Huang Liang, and the National Food and Drug Administration Information Center Liu Tuo.

Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital Anzhen, China Medical Device Co., Ltd. Wang Xiaowui, Hebei Ruihe Company Pool Dream, Experience Main functions of medical device traceability system. Fan Yu, Director of the Medical Device Registration Administration Department of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, presided over the training course. The training is closely surrounding the unique logo regulatory policies and related knowledge of medical devices, and teachers introduce UDI’s basic theory, implement background, policy requirements and 上海闵行kb implementation applications, and workflows such as UDI assignment, data management, barcode carrier printing; Production, operation, and units have shared experience. Training is targeted, focusing outstanding, both aoretical, more operability. Through training, training units and enterprises have more deeply understood the meaning of UDI implementation, the operation methods, etc., to further strengthen UDI promotion, helping medical equipment companies to complete UDI work, have laid a solid foundation.

This training takes a combination of centralized lectures and live broadcast.

The training main venue is located in the provincial bureau six-floor meeting room, each municipal bureau’s distribution venue, the province’s medical device production, operation, usage units and medical device supervisors, nearly 15,000 people have participated in the training. (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


Gathering Digital Economic Expo "2021 Industrial Software Industrial Development Research Report" released

Original title: Seize the opportunity to crack "small, scattered, weak" problem "2021 Industrial Software Industrial Development Research Report" issued to seize the opportunity to crack "small, scattered, 上海耍耍网114 weak" problem September 7 morning, industrial software innovation and development peak forum Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center is held. At the Forum, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "2021 Industrial Software Industrial Development Research Report". According to the report, my country’s industrial software industry has ushered in policies, talents, and new opportunities such as history development.

Industrial software is the "brain" operating in industrial enterprises, in order to improve the development, manufacturing, production management level and industrial equipment performance of industrial enterprises. Based on the product lifecycle cluster classification method, industrial software is divided into research and development and design, manufacturing, management and management class.

my country’s industrial software industry has a "small, scattered, weak" situation. R & D design industrial software has a core key technology "card neck" situation, small size and low domestic enterprises market share; core technical ability is weak, and the gap between national first-class products is large. Production and manufacturing industrial software is mainly medium and low-end, and industry differences are large. Operating management industry software is mainly medium and low-end, and large enterprises are inadequate. Operation and service industrial software market prospects, technology exists "tolerance".

上海龙凤419后花园 The report analyzes the development trend of future industrial software.

In terms of technical trends, industrial software gradually move towards integration, platformization, intelligence; in development mode, gradually go to standardization, openness, and ecologicalization; in market applications, gradually go to engineering, large, complicated; In the service method, gradually go to customization, flexibility, and service. my country’s industrial software industry development should seize eight major opportunities, namely industrial upgrading and releasing digitalization and intelligent demand; proposal for the strategic ideas of new development patterns, profit industrial software industry development; national series major projects will provide complete application traction requirements for industrial software development and Trial field; domestic 上海夜生活桑拿 and foreign industrial levels, there is a new opportunity of industrial software markets; policy environment optimization, protect industrial software industry development; intellectual property protection is increased, release market demand; talent policy is improved, improve international high-end talents Attractive; the development of new generation information technology has spawned new demand in industrial sector. (Reporter Songping) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


Ensure the establishment of hundreds of millions of people are masters of new national institution – "State and Revolution" REVIEW

Lord: Director of Marxist China Research Department, Maxist Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director, Researcher Liu Zhiming: · Lenin "State and Revolution" published in May 1918, is an important document that describes the state and revolutionary issues, One of the most excellent classics in Marxist nationalology.

· Implement a violent revolution, break the bourgeois state machine, which is the task of the proletarian revolution in the country.

From the Marxist point of view on the origin and development of the country’s point of view, the state is a 上海普陀区洗浴按摩 historical category, it is not always there, it will not live forever. With the production of class, the country will also die with the elimination of the class.

· Lenin deeply analyzes the sharpness and cruelty of class struggles in the socialist period, emphasizing that the proletariat dictatorship must be adopted in the entire historical period of socialism. Of course, due to the different circumstances of 爱上海419油压论坛 each country, the transition from capitalism to communism will produce from a variety of political forms, but the essence will inevitably be the same, it is the dictatorship of the proletariat.

· For the essence of proletariat democracy, Lenin has a very profound analysis, pointing out that the proletarian democracy is the first time to enable the majority of the people’s people to enjoy the democracy to enjoy the rich.

However, the proletarian dictatorship must not simply expand democracy, but also to exploiters, capitalists, deprive their freedom, and use strong crushing their resistance. · The first phase of communism, namely socialist society.

In the first stage of communism, the bourgeoisie has been canceled in the production materials, but in terms of consumer goods distribution, the principle of "allocated, according to the distribution" is implemented, and this principle is to distribute, labor for the bourgeois The complete negation of the unsotyed exploitation system is a major advancement in history.

This point of mind is: 1. What is the writing background of the "National and Revolution"? A: Lenin outlines the historical background and significance of writing books in the "primary version of the preamble": "National issues, now there is a particular significance in theory or in political practice." Since the 19th century, the country The major issues with the revolution are all inadequate by the bourgeois and small bourgeois thinkers and opportunists.

Especially the second international opportunist headed by Kuttzky, truly distorted and tampering with Marxism, advocating the "Parliament Road", opposing violent revolutions and proletariat dictatorship, beautifying bourgeois democracy, and freedom. Under the slogan of "defending the motherland", support the imperialist war.

The second international opportunistic thinking, causing extremely harsh impact in the proletarian revolutionary movement. Therefore, in this case, if it is not possible to oppose the prejustion of opportunistic in national issues, it is impossible to get rid of the bourgeois influence and go on the road of proletarian revolution.

The writing of the "National and Revolution" is to restore and defend Marxism, and correctly guide the objective requirements of the proletarian revolutionary struggle.

2. What is the main content of "National and Revolutions"? "National and Revolution" consists of two preambles, a chapter and the six chapters. Lenin Original Plan is written in seven chapters. The last chapter "The experience of the Russian revolution in 1905 and 1917" was not written in the October Revolution, leaving only a detailed outline.

Therefore, it is precisely that the great work of "National and Revolution" is also a residual article that is not completed. 3. What is the relationship between the country and class? .


Didn’t have "the lowest price of the whole network", Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya belt not lucky?

On October 20, Li Jiaqi, Wei 上海现在哪里有油压 Ya Taobao pre-sold live data. However, in the live pre-sale of the Heaven, there are many consumers who express themselves only "atmosphere", the reason is also very simple: "There is no cheap before." "The lowest price of the whole network disappeared? Detailed Raiders documents, newly pushed various types of gameplay, no longer staying up late, let this "double 11" live more inner volume this year. Zhongxin.com found that now in the live broadcast of the head anchor, it is difficult to call out the "lowest price". Many brands of shops are self-teching and head anchors, the price discount, suit combination, and gift programs are almost different.

Take YSL Saint Roland’s filling pad as an example, the product is the same as the preferential price of Li Jiaqi live broadcast and the store live broadcast, only in the gift plan: Li Jiaqi’s YSL air cushion gift, in the store live broadcast Black silk satin bright muscle 5ml and YSL mobile phone holder, and placed on the self-sown mark, but also add a cosmetic bag. This also means that the head anchor belt and brand self-developed in the price of the price is shrinking.

According to Taobao live data, around 23 o’clock on the evening, Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya’s live broadcast 上海浦东油压带全套 room exceeded 200 million, Sydney, the number of people such as Sydney, and the Babys were broken through 10 million.

At the same time, the number of people in the Yatsy Lauder shop has exceeded 10 million, Lancome, and the Number of Self-editions in L’Oreal reached more than 5 million.