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  Xinhua News Agency, July 23 (Reporter Hu Wei, Xie Shi) reporter learned from China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., the Group’s development of the wing dragon-2h emergency relief drone, built in Henan emergency disaster The air emergency communication platform provides a continuous mobile signal for the communication interruption area of ??Mihe Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province, ensuring that residents in the disaster area promptly report the disaster in time, and reported peace.

  Recently, Henan Province suddenly became a large-scale extremely heavy rainfall, and many villages in Multiple villages 上海老闵行油压店推荐 in Mihe Town, Gongyi City. On July 21st, the Emergency Management Department urgently dispatched the Wing Dragon Unmanned Air Emergency Communication Platform, cross-regional long-distance flight, and arrived in the mission area in the hourly hour, and set up the air mobile base station over the rice town, achieving about 50 square kilometers. For a long and stable continuous mobile signal, it is timely reporting the disaster in a timely manner in a disaster area. Wing Dragon-2H Emergency Relief UAV system is based on Aviation Industry (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd. on the basis of the Wing Dragon-2 drone system, for disaster exploration, emergency communication security, emergency delivery Large emergency relief drone systems developed by tasks.

  The drone system consists of a drone, a ground control station, a guarantee 上海普陀区水磨 system, and is equipped with a photovoltaic cell, synthetic aperture radar, an aerial CCD camera, emergency communication guarantee parking, emergency delivery cabin and other equipment.

  According to reports, the drone system has the characteristics of a range of voyages, long parking, high load capacity, and strong environmental adaptability, and completes multi-column disasters under extreme disasters 上海喝茶资源龙凤1314 such as "open circuit, power off, break network". On-site exploration, public / special network emergency network communication, emergency material delivery, etc.