Bayannao Municipal Case investigation destroys 83 criminal cases of grassland forest land

  The public security organs at all levels of Bayannre City launched a special rectification action for the violation of the violation of the grassland forest land. Since February of this year, there has been a total of 153 people in the city, the flag (county, district), have a total of 8 rectification projects, and establish 151 people. , 9 hunter commanders, carry out the verification of the corporation of the grassland forest case. Since the launch of 上海品茶资源网 special rectification, the Bayanni Municipal public security organs have hit the illegal occupation of illegal and illegal, unrestrained grassland forest land, chaos and chaos and chaos. As of now, 925 clues from various grasslands and woodland cases have been filed, and the criminal cases of forest land have undermined the grassland. The forest land is 3060 mu, and the grassland area is 21,334 mu, and the 53 suspects take mandatory measures.

At present, special actions have entered a focus of centrally hitting the rectification, and the next step will increase the investigation of grassland forestry case investigation, strive to detect a number of impact on the case, and achieve real results in the special rectification operation of violations of laws in the grassland forest land. (Reporter Tu Jusi) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, 上海做油压好点的地方 Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.