Guangdong Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau held the summary of the Qinghe Financial Culture Construction

  On September 28, Guangdong Banking Insurance Industry Insurance Industry Clean Financial Cultural Construction Activities Summary held in Guangzhou. The event site.

Xinhuanet issued Guangdong Banking Insurance Industry Insurance Industry and Calmonious Financial Culture Construction Activities have been launched in the official launch of June 2020.

Summary The General Assembly through publicity and short film "Qingfeng Raising, Honesty and Honesty Development", the exquisite highlights since the event, and the unit and individual who have made outstanding contributions have been reversed.

上海闵行东川路全套   Director of Guangdong Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau said that under the driving mechanism of "four" work mechanisms, the main activities of clean financial cultural construction continue to carry out, and effectively promote the implementation of major decision-making and deployment of Party Central Committee to make more powerful, banking insurance industry The high quality development is more effective, and the effectiveness of regulatory effectiveness is more stable.

  The Guangdong Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau will be introduced "Guangdong Banking Industry Insurance Industry Insurance Chemical Construction Normalization Implementation Opinions", promoting the integration of clean financial culture and party building, combined with regulatory work, combined with the internal 上海水磨iso control compliance management, and industry Self-discipline, do a good job in strategies, do a good job in business integration, do a good job in implementation, improve the internal motility of the Guangdong Banking Insurance Financial Anti-corruption, to help the Guangdong Financial Culture to "Green Water Qingshan" in Guangdong Financial Political Ecology, Guangdong’s courageous reform and opening up, building the new development of "double cycle" contributing financial strength. The event site.

Xinhua Net (Liu Wei) This "Qinghe Financial Cup" speech contest held in the same period, 12 participating players from the supervision department and bank insurance agencies competed, surrounded by honesty style, clean and educated typical themes loud Voice, pass the inexpensive financial positive energy.

(Liu Yu).