Fujian Putian: Saving a new, new, weighing, and more

2021-11-24 Putian civilization network ancient cloud: "People are helpless, home is no hunt, the country is no death.

"Diligence and saving is not only a kind of behavior, but also a morality. In the past few days, Putian City, Fujian Province vigorously advocated the civilized health concept of" efforts to save, oppose the pavilion ", through the theme party day activities, opened love grain Alcoholics, plotting a colorful content, etc.

  Party members and cadres have set up a civilized and healthy lifestyle. The Party Branch of Putian Municipal Committee and the Party Committee of Putian Mobile Co., Ltd. The Party Branch of the Putian Municipal Party Committee and the Party Committee of Putian Mobile Co., Ltd. jointly launched the theme of "Strong Diligent Symposium and Instead of Pavilion". The event passed the "Tree Concept" "Tree Concept" "Commitment" "New Trend" four aspects, guiding party members and cadres and workers to establish a healthy and civilized lifestyle.

  At the event, I watched "" "" "" ""上海闵行油压 "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "The video shows. By focusing on learning and watching video, party members and cadres have deeply understood the importance and necessity of "efforts to save, oppose the laying fees", and deeply understand "a porridge, it is not easy to think; Improvement of hardship and savings ".

Party members and cadres in order in the "rigorously enforce the thrifty, oppose extravagance and waste" signature on the written proposal. It is still "party" rigorously enforce the thrifty, oppose extravagance and waste "undertaking" signed a solemn commitment on the panels, have pledged to give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members, from themselves, from scratch,上海品茶微信群 from daily to start, to carry forward the traditional virtues of "strict economy and combat waste," consciously do thrift practitioner and leader. The last event, party members and cadres also visited the mobile command and control center network, China Mobile 5G + smart city hall experience, the experience of China Mobile 5G new fashion, to understand the future to bring next-generation smart city applications and information, "ultra-high-speed, super low latency mobile technology, super connected "communications. CD cultivate love fresh air Run-campus food grain cherish good practice "in Kenya a single mother, raising eight children alone, because can not afford food, hungry children cried, she could only put stones on the pot, pretend there rice can do, just to get the kids while waiting for a meal, can be at ease sleep.

"In the second 上海水磨干磨微信 restaurant in the area, Putian University new campus, small canteen larger classrooms, student turned teacher, manager of the restaurant as a" visiting professor ", about a" big discussion eliminate waste on the tongue, "the splendid performance.

Discussion splendid performance Putian University New Campus District second restaurant, on a "eliminate waste on the tip of the tongue," the.

  This is a speaker by the Putian University School of Marxism teachers to "cherish food, refused to waste" as the theme of the ideological and political course.

"The first time in this novel way to class, the teacher left the podium, walked among us, closer to us.

Moreover, the class moved to the dining room, you can also communicate with the restaurant manager, amplified fresh and colorful. "After class, 2019 Medical management students Lin Xi Xi full of praise. Putian University New Campus District second restaurant, on a" eliminate waste on the tongue, "the great debate splendid performance. A rice porridge when thinking hard to come faced with catering waste, Putian University restaurant recently launched "under the terms mouth food" cooking pot, small portions sale, purchase "rice evenly Taiwan", and many other initiatives to persuade volunteers, so that "eliminate waste, civilized dining "campus has become a new fashion.

Therefore, the ideological and political course also invited to the restaurant manager and Wan Zi Wen Chen Zhilin, together with the students in the field to "teach."

CD new wind into the campus, conservation thrifty virtue.

  The classroom, Putian University 2019 Medical Management 56 students were divided into 7 groups, respectively, "Why eliminate waste on the tongue, the status quo of China’s grain security analysis, campus food waste and reason, save grain of small measures" and other topics Discussion, into the exhibition of painting, sing songs, recite poetry, play sitcom, celebrity tell stories to explore a variety of forms. From a practical requirement, cultural tradition, experience in party history, philosophy, wisdom and more dimensions to emphasize the spirit of conservation, to curb the "wasted tongue" from the source of thought, let thrift wind over campus. "Many hands make light, your food, this is to co-guardian of multi-hand, rather than the individual can do.

"Students Chen Yuxin holding a" two fingers holding a fire, "the hand-drawn cartoons, comics from the vivid descriptions of meaning.

In order to save food concept in the minds of the students to take root, and her crew under the guidance of a teacher, to discuss, division of labor, combined with hand-drawn caricature by scene story laws to concrete examples to influence students, and called on everyone to join CD-ROM support operations.

  "Small grain" relationship "big people", "small dining room" to create thrifty "big classroom."

Canteen ideological and political course for students with rapt attention.

"As a college student, I was willing to implement the compact disc into the action live, do CD action communicators, practitioners and demonstrators." Student Chen Yuxin said. Ke Li believes that the ideological and political lessons from the classroom moved to the cafeteria, students can lead the sentiment in diverse situations, resulting in catering waste to explore the deeper reason, so affectionate flavored ideological and political course, so that students on course content into the brain into the heart.

Putian University campus.

  "Students speak Ideological and Political Competition", "Fu Hui minority students in the village, then double solidarity", "learning ideological and political Exhibition", "online" Ideological melting pot ” "walking by the sea of ??ideological politics course" "sing favorite student ideological and political Lesson "…… Putian University School of Marxism deputy party secretary, said college adhere to the student-centered, constantly explore innovative forms of ideological and political course, to promote project-based classroom teaching, small classes combined with the ideological and political community with a large classroom, students build good ideological and moral foundation of growth and success.

  GRAIN propaganda poster creative expression into the heart thrift new trend "thrifty, Germany, the total also; extravagant, evil too big." As we all know, since ancient times is the traditional Chinese virtues of thrift. To promote the virtues of thrift see line effective, Putian City, southeast China Women’s Federation jointly Putian station network around the "rigorously enforce the thrifty, oppose catering waste" subject of careful planning and creative posters.

Southeast Network Putian City Women’s Federation jointly orchestrated creative posters around the station "rigorously enforce the thrifty, oppose catering waste" topic.

  "CD-ROM action, starting with me", "against waste, austerity," "cherish love food grain, one meter from the beginning" …… posters with simple and clear language transfer civilized consciousness, clever fit "thrifty" theme, so civilized meal, healthy lifestyle with vivid way into the heart into the homes of ordinary people.

Creative Poster: "cherish food, starting from one meter" poster a small step, a big step civilization! In addition to saving poster issued in their daily work life, Putian Municipal Women’s Federation also actively promote cadres and workers putting the "CD" action, and strive to "saving the glorious waste of shame" advocates, communicators and actors! .