French single new diagnosis is nearly 20,000 officials, there is no "Fengcheng" plan

China Paris November 17 (Reporter Li Yang) Local Time 16, French new coronary pneumonia, new diagnosis cases were close to 20,000 cases, and the cumulative diagnosis case was 7.31 million.

The official 上海油压398飞机 official said on the same day, there is currently no "Fengcheng" program. The official data of France shows that 19778 cases of new diagnosis cases in France, which have been new and high since the end of August, showing the epidemic continued to rebound; cumulative diagnosis cases were 73,1064 cases. French cumulative death cases are now 118,271 cases, and 48 cases of death.

The number of patients 闵行水磨 in French new crown and the number of severe patients continued to increase, of which the number of patients with hospitalization is now 7,535, and the number of severe patients is 1277.

The French official said on the 16th that although the epidemic has rebounded, there is no "Fengcheng" program.

The French government spokesperson Etar took the possibility of recent a new round of "Fengcheng" measures during the informed epidemic situation. However, he also pointed out that the government would in principle not eliminate any epidemic response options. " Atal said that France officially implemented an anti-prevention initiative implemented by a new round of "Fengcheng" measures, such as health passage measures. He revealed that France did not intend to take restrictions on people who did not vaccinate new crown vaccines. He emphasized that the current French vaccination coverage is higher than Germany and Austria and other countries.

Atal said it is necessary to allow people who meet the conditions of vaccination.

He also revealed that from President Marclong issued a national TV speech to urge the vaccination process, more than 810,000 people were reserved through an online vaccination appointment platform. For the third doses vaccination arrangement, Atal said that the people over the age of 65 need to vaccinate the third dosage vaccine as soon as possible; the third-agent vaccination may be expanded to 50 years old, and the 40-year-old population is currently There is no third dosage vaccination program. Official data in France shows that France has currently 51.57 million people inoculated at least one dose vaccine, accounting for approximately% of the French population; 50.49 million people have completed two doses, accounting for about% of France.