5-year-old girl live teach makeup? It is not a beauty that is not beautiful from the doll.

Original title: 5-year-old girl live broadcast makeup? Do you need to grab a beauty makeup from the doll, but a beautiful education 5-year-old girl live broadcast makeup? "Children’s Beauty Makeup Explorer" run too much! Open the cosmetic box, first use the homes to make a makeup, "this is a shame, it is very natural"; then use the beautiful makeup brush, "Don’t forget to apply it, it looks more cute"; Switched red, in the back of the back, "red, very white" … It sounds, this is a skilled beauty blogger in teaching makeup, however, the picture is a child.

After some smeared on the small face, she said using the crisp children’s voice in the end of the video: "Kindergarten children are using it!" "Let’s buy it!" Recently, in some online social platform, a group of play "The smallest beauty of the whole network" "Following Meng Dai", "net red", they teach makeup, test products, live broadcast, with the face of the child, speak adults. Children’s beautiful makeup owners are popular, behind it is the trend of low-age.

According to the data released by cross-border e-commerce Karahai purchase, in 2020, domestic children’s makeup consumption increased by 300% over 2019. "85" mother became the main force to buy cosmetics to children. The types of children’s cosmetics are also rich, lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, mask, makeup tissue, nail polish, etc.

  Love the heart, people are all, children are also outside. However, this innocent child is like a beautiful makeup, as well as "Makeup to start from the doll", have to make people feel hidden.

  First, unqualified children’s cosmetics hazard your child’s health. Professional beauty makeup said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency report that many so-called "children’s make-up" on the market are not specially designed 上海宝山新茶 for children, and some manufacturers are in the inspection. They only mark "cosmetics" when they record, deliberately delete "children". The words are more stringent in a void standard, and even adult cosmetics are packaged into children’s toys to sell children to buy. Many make-up contain a large amount of artificially synthetic pigmentation, which will bring burden to children’s sensitive skin. Some quality and poor products have heavy metal elements to exceed the standard, hormone content is high, resulting in allergies and respiratory damage.

On the e-commerce platform, there are some buyers to leave the "taste pungent" "flavored pungent" "oil and oil" "The fluorescent powder is not washed" "" Puzzle is washed "" Puzzle is washed. " 爱上海同城 Second, the "lower age makeup wind" affects the aesthetic view of the child to form a health and compare the psychology.

"Beauty" is diverse, the beauty of makeup is just one.

But the children lack distinctive power, and is in a curiosity, imitating a strong stage, which is easy to impair it, forming incorrect aesthetic cognition.

Under the marketing scriptures of the blogger "Children are using", the child is easy to fall into the trap of consumption, and aggravate the family economic burden. In addition, children’s submacade will cost a lot of effort, crowdize learning and exercise time, and even gallbreak their own "appearance anxiety". More bad, the reporter survey found that some children’s beauty video passed soft erotic information, children were "materialized", pushing to the front of the Taiwan.

"Just after the 5th birthday, pure wise peach makeup." Dressed in the shoulder, wearing a wavy roll, throwing "smashing", selling "男 色", still don’t forget " "Squi" … The camera is a child’s child, and the lens is actually the planning, production and boost of the adult, for the flow, and the graph is the interest. In fact, the behavior of children’s endorsement makeup products is suspected of illegal. my country’s advertising law clearly stipulates that it is not allowed to use the minor’s minors as an advertising spokesperson; do not release medical, medicines, health foods, medical equipment, cosmetics, alcohol, beauty advertisements, and Internet game advertisements that are not conducive to minors’ physical and mental health. It is not a beauty education that needs to be "grown from the doll". Whether it is a family or kindergarten, schools should strengthen the aesthetic education, from small training children’s appreciation, creating beauty, avoiding the "adults" of children in short-term interests.

  The competent department should further strengthen supervision, increase the punishment of cosmetics of children with unqualified children, standardize the sales of children’s makeup, so that there is a need for children to use non-toxic and harmful to children’s beauty products.

The platform should also strengthen inspection and guidance, clean the unhanective children’s endorsement advertising, so that the industry is more secure.

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