E-commerce sells low-priced milk powder real is the animal milk powder prosecutor shoots blocked holes

Low-priced milk powder actually made an animal milk powder unlicensed? The prosecutor shot blocked. But the online store sold is not a food store, but a clothing store.

In this way, "hanging sheep sells dog meat" store, why can I presented in the e-commerce platform? The reporter has recently learned from the third branch of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate. From the criminal case, the hospital found public welfare litigation clues, through supervision and performance, let the well-known e-commerce platform blocked a huge vulnerability, and strive to guard the consumer "on the tip of the tongue Safety".

Pushing a brand of milk powder by animal milk powder Zhanmou is one of the agents of Delta milk powder in China.

Since January 2018, Zhan called the same person, and the small workshop of filling fake milk powder in rural homes.

At first, Zhan became a lower price of New Zealand milk powder from the Internet, and was sold into the package of the Delunge milk powder. Soon, Zhan felt that this profit was too low, so the raw material was changed to the online purchase, expired milk powder. After the incident, the prosecutor clicked into Zhan to buy milk powder, the homepage of "Pig Dog Cow" and other animal food milk powder ".

Such milk powder cost is almost negligible, so it is cheaper than the formal channel.

Low prices have attracted many buyers, and Zhan has opened 15 stores in the two e-commerce platforms in China. The accumulated sales in two years have more than 4 million yuan. Among them, from 2019, "Double Eleven" to December 12, sales of sales in one month reached 900,000 yuan.

It was identified that Zhan used animal milk powder, as a milk powder raw material could not reach relevant national standards.

Recently, Zhan has been sentenced to 4 years in prison by the 江苏娱乐地图论坛yldt court for 4 years, and fined 150,000 yuan.

When handling this violation of the trademark case, the three-way hospital also discovered the public welfare litigation clues, and the public welfare litigation prosecutor was intervened. "Further investigation found that Zhanmou took only one online shop on a well-known e-commerce platform, only two of the food business licenses in the e-commerce platform.

Some shops are registered as a clothing store, but it is open to milk powder, and it has not been investigated by the platform for nearly two years.

Zhang Wei, the prosecutor of the Fifth Procuratorial Department of the Third Secondary Hospital, said.

The procuratlation proposal was blocked on the system vulnerability, and the prosecutors rushed to the headquarters of the e-commerce 上海静安桑拿会所 platform. At first, the interpretation given by the e-commerce platform is that Zhan has claimed to be overseas purchasing when registering online stores, and my country’s law is not clearly stipulated for purchasing, and there is no clear provision for service contracts. Therefore, the purchaser must have food management. license.

In addition, the platform has a perfect inspection mechanism. If there is a violation in the sales process of online store sales, the platform will promptly remove the shelves, a sealing store.

"This statement is not carefully scrutinized." Zhang Wei said that Zhan was not a real purchase. Although he wrote from Hong Kong in the introduction of the online store, the delivery of express delivery has been in the Mainland. Since then, the prosecutors first register the store on 上海按摩全套 the platform, from the Internet, preprocessing food, imported milk powder, etc., try to go to the shelves.

The results show that when the prosecutor chooses milk powder, it is not necessary to provide other materials, and the goods can be sold.

The prosecutor believes that this matter exposes an e-commerce platform in the audit links in a huge vulnerability. Subsequently, the platform also quickly acknowledges that the platform has issued a problem in the audit process.

In January of this year, the third branch was issued to the platform, requiring strengthening the supervision of food operators, establish a warning announcement system.

In March, the e-commerce platform replied that all food operators, including overseas purchases, including overseas purchases, and a total of more than 1,000 stores that were not available. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.