Beijing has fallen from the sky, waiting for you to "punch"!

  In order to give this romantic "preservation", the Beijing Garden Greening Bureau said on the 3rd of Beijing, has issued the "Notice on Suspension of the Sweeping Falling Leaves and Reserved Autumn," requires the conditions of the conditions in Beijing, and the green space is implemented "deciduous lance". Maximize leave landscapes, so that the public is close to nature and feel the beauty of green ecology.

  "The city will continue to do well with green space cleaning of domestic garbage and dry branches, and will further extend the duration of deciduous landscape by moderate water in the green space.

Wang Wanbing, the second-level researcher of Beijing Garden Greening Bureau, the 上海干磨水磨论坛 second-level researcher. Wang Wansing introduced that Beijing has implemented the "deciduous lance" policy for many years, and the capital citizens enjoy more and more quality green well-being, and the leaves form humans in the green space. Layers, the green space soil environment can also provide the necessary material foundation for plant growth, "to achieve ecological methods to solve the ecological problem".

  Push the window to see the color leaves and go out into the forest. In recent years, Beijing continues to promote the garden greening and increased dragonflies, and has built 21 Demonstration Zone, such as Mingcheng Wall Ruins Park, Xishan National Forest Park, Fucheng Road. Someone, it is understood that "wild grass" under Beijing forest is no longer unsearous, but through scientific 上海水磨品茶论坛 management, further ecological value is further played, and "add another" for Beijing autumn and winter landscape. " During the Beijing Garden Greening Bureau, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing’s newly increased forest greening area of ??1.15 million mu, 3,773 hectares of urban green space, a total of 700 urban leisure parks, urban forests, small greenery and pocket parks. This year, Beijing will increase green 160,000 mu, build 400 hectares of urban green spaces, so that the city’s forest coverage reaches%, urban green coverage reaches 49%, and the per capita park has a green space area to square meters.