Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Innovation Service Instructor Improves Patient Medical Experience

Liu Qingquan, the Dean of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, with the Medical Federation, to create "Shunyi model" According to Liu Qingquan, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital explores the time 青浦会所400两次 earlier, starting from 2013, it is hosted mode Hosting the Shuyi District Chinese Medicine Hospital, and introduces the three-level hospital management model and management concept into the hospital, sent an expert team to carry out the department joint construction, key specialist / discipline construction, old Chinese medicine, jointly carry out research, Implement the key task of new performance appraisal programs, so that their medical service capacity is continuously improved.

It is worth noting that in 2015, Shunyi TCM Hospital was promoted to a three-level Chinese medicine hospital. Since then, the hospital has hosted the 3-level Chinese medicine hospital in Yanqing County, Pinggu District, Huairou District, and the public hospital managed model leaving regional medical development, benefiting the people’s health.


In the interview site, Liu Qingquan said, after such a series of reforms, it is necessary to start the doctor from Shunyi to Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital. In the Shunyi District, you can hang an expert number, while the patient will save less, and save the patient. Medical expenses have enhanced patients’ medical satisfaction. Inheriting TCM care, creating a temperature-related medical environment, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital is improving medical services, what is it alone? In the interview, Liu Qingquan said that the hospital has been committed to excavation, inheriting and promoting the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine years. Taking care as an example, the hospital summarizes, taps and organizes the nursing experience of TCM dermatology and surgery for decades, and creates Yanjing TCM nursing names to form Yanjing TCM nursing system.

Remind the retirement care expert to teach experience and guide young caregivers.

5 Chinese medicine nursing clinics such as Yanjing Sida, Breast, and Skin, which are treated with a nursing method such as peptic peptic ulcers such as diabetic foot ulcers such as diabetic foot ulcers, milk, with herpes zoster, wet sores. It is worth mentioning that in order to strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine care culture, the hospital relies on "theme nursing", each department chooses 1-2 advantageous diseases, and establishing a patient. Liu Qingquan introduced that, for example, Oncology is specifically targeted by tumor patients, it has set up a sick friend will "Trinity Home". I will take you with my hand, and I will take the treatment of rehabilitation; use my heart to exchange your heart, and spend a harmonious doctor Affection.

Mailing Chinese medicine service, patients take medicine without leaving home, what are the different services of the hospital? Liu Qingquan shared the following points on the spot: First, in the outpatient hall of the hospital, the drug consultation center has been opened, and the patients who have relevant clinical pharmacists have doubts; and the hospital has cooperated with China Post Express Logistics (EMS). Opening a Chinese herbal medicine, frying soup, medical records, this initiative greatly meets the needs of patients, especially for office workers, 青浦赵巷赵华路小巷子old weak and foreign patients. Finally, the hospital made a comprehensive system management and upgrade of the outpatient decocting service, forming the intelligent control of the preparation of the preparation, soaking, brewing, packaging, pharmaceutical, and the use of water. The pure water filtered after the device is filtered, which greatly improves the quality of the decocting and guarantee the safety of the drug.

(Cai Xiong).