Environmental optimization policy is highly implemented

Since this year, Yingtan City administrative examination and approval department has established "I do practical things" in the government service hall in the launch of the delay office, the reservation office, and help the office, "I have a practical thing" window of the government service "," I can’t do anything " Reflecting the window, let the masses "can do things, good things, 上海外卖服务自带工作室 fast, and do things".

At present, Yingtan City has undergone the "strong style, excellent environment" activity year, as a strong start of "opening a new bureau, the new style", as a key measure to promote high quality leap-forward development. The city combines "I do practical things for the masses", through the "environmental optimization, policy and great implementation," further deepening "venting service" reform, stimulate market main vitality and cadres’ entrepreneurial power; through government website Platform, Ministry of WeChat, people, the public, and the Chinese and other platforms, as well as the traditional channels such as letters and visits, mayor hotline, and listen to the people’s voice, collect the difficult problems of people’s livelihood, and carefully find the pain in dredging government services. Difficult, blocking point, let enterprises and mass activities more convenient, smooth, comfortable, and accelerate the promotion of the city’s business environment "creation, forehead". In the court system, a mobile phone applet called "Mobile Microcracy" was developed. At present, there has been an interconnected interconnection of multi-resolution E platform, preservation platform, entrusted appraisal platform and trial implementation, litigation cost payment and other systems. The "Zero Distance" "Zero Distance" "Head" "Head". In the field, the professional service team organized by the Hundred Technological Backbone of Yingtan City, the professional service team organized by the top 100 technical backbone is guided by the European household and ordinary people.

The Municipal Development and Reform Commission actively carried out the business environment self-evaluation work, inviting third party assessment agencies to assess 上海品茶一对一 the city’s business environment, and established a business environmental evaluation index system.

At present, the city is planning to establish a batch of business environment monitoring points to dynamically monitor the city’s business environment. (Reporter Zhonghaihua) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.