Guang’an City Guang’an District: Liberation Community "Solution" is difficult

Original title: The liberation of the community "Solution" has difficulty in the masses in recent years, (Guang’an) Guangqiao Street Jiefang Community Party Committee in Guangqiao Street, Guang’an District, adheres to the people-oriented thinking, leading to the core of party construction as the core, and give full play to the grassroots role of the grassroots party , The needs of understanding, the understanding of the people, the difficulty of solving the people, promote the integration of urban grassroots governance, the "three" integration, the happiness of the community residents, the sense of satisfaction, and satisfaction.

  Release tissue-to-vivolism to promote autonomous kingling, 铃 铃 … November 6, near noon, Jiefang Community "Holiday Class" under get out of class, the children will continue from the classroom, in party volunteers Accompany you go home.

  Due to the shortcomings of parents, the regular roles are absent, left-behind children are difficult to get enough care, and many families have been troublesome. How do you pay more attention to staying children? The community organizes party volunteers to open "holiday class". When 3 classes per week, the main content is to carry out paintings, music training, and publicize minors, helping them have a happy holiday, healthy growth.

  "Only only truly understand the needs of the masses, solve their puzzles can promote the masses to enter the community autonomy." Li Jing, secretary of the party committee of liberation community. In recent years, the liberation community has continuously innovated, play the exemplary role of party members, release organizational vitality, and promote autonomy in the masses.

  To this end, the liberation community fully covered three parties of the Party Branch of the Community, with the resident group, the comprehensive network of comprehensive management. Vigorously promote the general party members of the secretary of the community, the secretary of the Community Party Branch and the hard-working quality of the political quality, through the statutory procedures as the director or member of the Commercial Committee, and strengthen the party’s organizational leadership. At the same time, there are more than 30 social organizations such as Municipal Volunteers, and more than 30 projects such as "Holiday Class", "Dance Performance", and the masses have a significant increase, and the enthusiasm of participating in community autonomy is continuously improved. The release of cohesive explanation of the people’s urgency "The street light is not very bright, and it is not clear at night." "Verified the relevant situation, contact related vendors, come to replace.

"… Recently, in the Jiefang Community Party Service Center, the staff in the" community echo wall ", responded to the opinions, suggestions, praise and criticism of community residents.

  Crossing the "community echo wall", come to the spacious and bright office hall, go in the left hand, the conference room, books, dance room, science panel, living room, children’s paradise, volunteer service station, mediation room … 上海男士spa推荐 facility Complete, full-featured.

  "If you have more guests in community residents, you can use space for living room, children’s park." Li Jing said that the community’s public space is a professional community planner, according to residents’ needs, and take care of practical and beautiful. For example, in the Pop Museum, not only publicity of astronomical geography, but also publicize the 上海洗浴会所论坛 knowledge of party building, socialist core values.

In this way, the "infiltrating" party construction in the Community Party Group Service Center is created, and the subtleties will guide the residents to listen to the party Chinese, and feel the party, and go with the party.

  Li Jing introduced that the community has also set a resident convention and compiled a smooth, posted in a prominent position. Through extensive publicity, party members and cadres, resident representatives take the lead in the lead, the majority of residents can be familiar with, and they will comply with them together. The community is getting better and better.

  At present, the party committee of liberation community is in depth, the construction of specializedization of community cadres, and actively explore the secretary of the Community Party Branch, the menssenger, and the resident group "three-course one" model. At the same time, combined with the "Double News" and other activities, take the initiative to connect to the community unit, realize the big events, practical co-doing, the need to decide, the urgent matter, the emergency matter, the residential unit resources, and actively improve the conditions of residents, Solve residential life problems. Release the fight against the people, the people, the community party members and cadres are really serving the people! "Not long ago, Wang De Pei, a community residents who have been solved at home, and the people are boasting.

Wang Diping, 56 years old this year, fell from a construction site in Guang’an City, fell from a high scaffolding of 6 meters, causing serious surgery, need surgery immediately. However, after paying 6,000 yuan, the labor company will refuse to make a penny.

Wang Diping not only did not receive compensation, but the whole family also broke the source of economic. "At that time, the family was particularly difficult. Community cadres helped me contact legal aid, and I will apply for a low insurance for me.

"Wang Deping told reporters that now the lawsuit has won, and he has also received compensation, and the family economy is much better than before.

  In order to better serve the community masses, the liberation community party committee divide the community into 7 grids, set up 4 netizers, combined with "Red Friday" theme party day activities, new era civilization practice station, "red marriage" activities, etc. Regularly carry out public consultation, actively provide legal advice, and comprehensively improve the awareness of the rule of law of the masses, guide the masses to abide by law, with community residents, jointly govern the community.

  "In the past, there were many contradictions and disputes in community residents. Now everyone encounters problems, knows how to use legal knowledge to maintain their own interests.

"Li Jing is gratified to this change.

Next, they will continue to use the community "two committees" team members as a link, use a good legal aid service window, do a good job of normalization, to create a harmonious and stable community environment, and constantly improve the happiness of the residents, feel, satisfaction .

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