China @ 四 川 | Three national medical teams jointly build a crankshakka hospital in the exercise

  Xinhua News Agency, May 14th (Reporter Xiao Yonghang, Dong Xiao) held on the 14th "Emergency Mission, 2021" earthquake relief exercise, Sichuan Health and Health Committee sent three national medical teams, 5 provincial teams, 6 county-level health emergency teams, a total of 43 medical equipment vehicles (including ambulances), and nearly 700 medical staff were involved.

In the exercise, the three national medical teams in Sichuan Province jointly built a crankshakka hospital.

  The reporter learned that after the medical treatment unit of this exercise, the medical rescue force, the damage of the housing collapse, a large number of casualties, local medical system damage, etc. And the disease control department jointly built the United 上海花千坊网址 Cabin Hospital, rapidly replacing, supplement the disaster-stricken area to be destroyed by medical resources. According to reports, the three national medical teams are the "Sichuan) Health Emergency Mobile Medical Rescue Center", which is led by the Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University. The medical team is the world’s first highest level of the world’s first highest level. Military International Emergency Medical Team; "Sichuan) Emergency Medical Rescue Team" led by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, which is the only comprehensive national emergency medical rescue team that adapts to the Plateau Environment; Sichuan Orthopedic Hospital lead "National (Sichuan) Traditional Chinese Medicine Emergency Medical Team, is the first batch of traditional Chinese medicine bone injury characteristics to the 上海品茶红场 emergency medical team. In the exercise, the United Cabin Hospital has completely launched six major ribs such as injury classification area, fast disposal area, medical assistance zone, hospitalization area, infectious disease disposal area, logistics support area, with rapid trauma classification, infectious disease Admission, critical patient rescue, emergency injury control surgery, critical illness monitoring and ward for treatment, medical assist inspection imaging examination.

In addition, the combined cranks are equipped with advanced mobile CT detection vehicles, medical skills vehicles, mobile fast inspection vehicles (P2 + laboratory), mobile surgical vehicles, 5G ambulances and other advanced medical rescue equipment and relatively complete logistics security systems. It can realize the three consecutive days 上海龙凤桑拿网 of self-survival, with a three-level comprehensive hospital treatment capacity. Participants told reporters that in order to ensure that there is no size after the disaster, lower the risk of secondary disaster, the epidemic prevention and medical treatment of the disaster area. After the medical team responded, Sichuan provincial acute infectious disease prevention and control team formed by Sichuan Provincial CDC was immediately assembled, rushed to the scene to carry out public health assessment, acute infectious disease monitoring and prevention and control, post-disaster environment harmless treatment, infect Sick patients management, killing hygiene and epidemic prevention efforts such as pathogenic control, disaster area infectious diseases and monitoring. (Finish).